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Awkwardness is inevitable and blossoming can be a struggle

As a child did you ever wear your Halloween costume to school for the whole month of October? Or perm your bowl cut? Were you in rock club (for geodes) or band? Then, you’ve probably had an awkward phase. These are the experiences that we want to document in order to inspire generations to come.

We want to forever immortalize “personal style” and a free spirit. We want to turn something that might have seemed traumatizing into something we can celebrate. The goal is to revel in people were “going through it” and who they are now. Sometimes we go through phases that we can only appreciate as adults and it is fun to look back with people. This book is not only funny but a mission to make people feel more comfortable with themselves.

All our submissions are user-submitted. We have had a positive reaction to this project and hope we can continue spreading our message of “the awkward phase.”

Example Posts:

Example 1: http://theawkwardphase.tumblr.com/post/42547584443/this-picture-tells-a-story-a-very-loud-and-obvious


 This picture tells a story—a very loud and obvious story. To everyone but 13 year old me. I’ve had my fair share (and then some) of awkward phases, but usually I’ve been aware of them. Like right now I have a rat tail and I acknowledge that. However, you could have never told that poor child dressed as a picnic table that something was off here. Couldn’t I see that my friends were too cool for me? Why hadn’t I worked on my sexy hip pop pose? I was too busy giving a thumbs up and middle part salute to the costume I made. I respect you, 13 year old me. I respect you. Don’t worry baby, we made it out of 2002 ok. 


Example 2http://theawkwardphase.tumblr.com/post/43783207806/god-i-miss-the-90s-im-not-gonna-lie-i-dyed-myimage

God I miss the 90s! I’m not gonna lie, I dyed my hair the exact color. It’s always a good look in my opinion. This look was the best thing to come from boy bands (except for “I want it that way” by BSB, of course).

Wait, important — Team N Sync or BSB?

#1998 #9thGrade #theawkwardphase

See his life now: http://talesfromthetown.tumblr.com/

Example 3: 


“I was in the 7th grade I believe.. 10 years later!”

This should be sent to every seventh-grader in the country. This picture is the true story of redemption!

See her life now: http://ifitwasmurdershewroteit.tumblr.com/

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