04 4 / 2013

My awkward phase started quite early and lasted for years.  This is my second grade picture.  I overheard my mom talking on the phone saying that my sisters had taken very nice pictures, Marianne’s was not such a great picture….but she thought she had better order the portrait package.  My exact thought at that time was, I told her that I wanted the pink cat eye glasses, as if this would fix this disaster!

To top this off, this is the first in a long series of bad haircuts by a woman named Mrs. Jinx (seriously) prior to picture day.  This little gem was not a hot commodity on the picture trading circuit that year, mainly due to the fact I conveniently forgot to bring them to school!   

 My parents raised daughters who grew up to be strong independent women.  No matter how awful the glasses, the braces, the acne, the bad haircuts we knew we were loved! I have always felt a flow of support from them—even on picture day.

Editor Note: This is Claire’s Momma and we are thrilled to have her on the blog!! You look great Marianne!

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