This is where you – you funny, talented, sweet, new and glorious friend – come in…

If you were ever awkward, we want to hear your story – seriously, Claire will be here if you need help developing your content and Tyler will be here willing to edit for grammar and all that other boring stuff that can be scary about writing.We are looking for photos and essays that are awkward but sweet. 

Send submissions to: 

The text would be about the circumstance and would claim the awkwardness rather than disown it. The essay can be up to 500 words — if longer, we can feature it on the Tumblr and edit for the book submission. The submission can be multiple photos — like a series of unfortunate haircuts — a poem/story you wrote back in the day, an instruction manual to one of your old Halloween costumes/tree fort/telescope, a letter to your braces, an entry from your journal — whatever’s clever. Submissions can be just as creative and quirky as you and we would love to feature your personality!

The stories we want to celebrate are warm, positive, and empathetic. We want to acknowledge the awkwardness, but not apologize for it.

Here’s an example passage:

This picture tells a story—a very loud and obvious story. To everyone but 13 year old me. I’ve had my fair share (and then some) of awkward phases, but usually I’ve been aware of them. Like right now I have a rat tail and I acknowledge that. However, you could have never told that poor child dressed as a picnic table that something was off here. Couldn’t I see that my friends were too cool for me? Why hadn’t I worked on my sexy hip pop pose? I was too busy giving a thumbs up and middle part salute to the costume I made. I respect you, 13 year old me. I respect you. Don’t worry baby, we made it out of 2002 ok.

What would you tell your teenage self, if you could? More importantly, what would you tell a live, breathing teenager who was just like you and doesn’t realize that our awkward phases are what makes us interesting, lovable, and fabulous?We want to make our fourteen year old selves proud and celebrate who we are now!  And come on, how cute would a whole book of awkward redemption stories be?!?

If you have any questions — or just want to say hey — please feel free to email us.

Peace, Love, and Hair-parts,

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